5 Life-Changing Morning Habits to Kickstart Your Day

Morning routines can be the ultimate difference when it comes to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They determine how productive and healthy we’re going to be, how happy, sad or stressed we’re going to be and most importantly how energetic we’re going to be throughout the day!

It’s vital we set ourselves a routine to ensure all of these outcomes favour us in health and well-being.

As a travelling fitness coach, i'm often waking up with a long daily checklist in my head and it can be easy to be overwhelmed and go off task without realising - If i have no routine!

I make a conscious effort to structure my mornings using theses habits and there's no doubt this is a key factor to my productivity, mental and physical health.

Kick-start your day by implementing these 5 habits


Are you a night owl and find it hard to get to wake up early?

Getting up early can have lots of benefits for us mentally and physically. When we get up early in the morning we have reduced stress levels as it eliminates the need to rush things. Not only do we have more hours in the day, we generally work faster giving us more productivity as well as planning and achieving goals.

Studies also show people who get up early are instilled with positivity and generally live happier lives!


Not only will water re-hydrate you after a full night of sleeping, it will fuel your brain to have you thinking clearly right away. Drinking around 500ml / 16 ounces of water will also fire up your metabolism, flush toxins out of your system and help prevent things like kidney stones and bladder infections.


Waking up and moving your body is one of the best ways to set yourself up for a super healthy and productive day. The positive vibes will be flowing and blood will be circulating throughout the body giving you a sense of vitality, instantly boosting your energy levels!

Moving for at least 15 minutes early also gives you more clarity on the day ahead as well as helping you burn calories.

It’s up to you how you want to move - Walking, running, yoga, mobility, strength training…. the possibilities are endless!


This is something i haven’t always done but i can tell you from first hand experience, it works wonders!!! Not only does writing stimulate your brain activity first thing in the morning, it sets a positive outlook for the rest of the day. It gives us clarity on what we want to achieve and takes away the sense of being overwhelmed.

Have a small notebook or journal to write your goals down and structure it for short and long term outlooks. This will help prioritise what needs to be completed first.


Living a healthy lifestyle relies heavily on what we put into our bodies. Food dictates how we look, feel and think therefore it’s crucial to nourish our body with vitamin and mineral rich foods. Planning our meals can be a challenge in itself. Busy schedules can often lead to eating the most convenient thing around us and is often the common downfall for many of us.

Structuring your meals will not only keep you consistent with meal times, it will help keep you on track of what goes into your body. A good meal plan starts the day before ensuring you're all set up for your first meal of the day - generally breakfast.

To help plan your meals write down what times you want to eat and from there start to detail what you’ll be consuming. If you can do this regularly, you’ll find that your nutrition will become a lot more consistent.


Setting yourself up with this morning routine is no doubt one of the best and easiest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will improve productivity, motivation, clarity, sleep, metabolism and many other aspects of your life.

I'm going to leave you guys with this little challenge.

For the next five days I want you to implement these five morning habits.

Wake up early

Drink 500ml of water ( in the first hour )

Move your body for 15 minutes

Write down 3 goals you want to achieve that day

Plan your meals for the day

If you choose to accept the five day challenge please leave your comments below afterwards and share this post with someone you think might need some morning inspiration.