10 Ways to Keep Fitness Fun

Regular fitness can be seen as a chore for many of us. The daily “grind” of pushing our bodies out of our comfort zone to make changes and feel healthier can often lead to waves of workouts and routines. Sometimes you’re as motivated as ever working out 5 times a week, other times may see you completing just one or two workouts a week, or maybe you stop for a period of time all together. Don’t worry, most of us have all been there!

To have a successful relationship with fitness, we need to have fun and enjoy the time we take to work on our health and fitness goals. Here are 10 ways you can help make your fitness routines fun and enjoyable to give you the weekly motivation to achieve your goals.

1. Do what you enjoy

I often talk to a lot of people who have “given” up on fitness because they don’t like going to the gym. If the gym isn’t for you, find something else you enjoy doing. Think about what sports you enjoy doing, tennis, golf, cycling, running, football. If you don’t like sports maybe a daily walk is a great option. The key to success is finding out what you love and incorporating it into your life on a regular basis. This way fitness doesn’t feel like a chore and you stay motivated!

2. Set yourself challenges and goals

What's driving you forward? Have you set yourself health & fitness goals? Having a goal can give you clarity on why you’re working out and taking your body out of it’s comfort zone.

Set yourself some long and short term goals. Write them down. Embrace these goals and think of them regularly. If you can’t think of a specific goal then maybe setting yourself a challenge is the way to go. For example I set myself a challenge this month (May) to complete 100 push-ups a day for the entire month of May. This is helping me stay motivated and on task each day.

3. Put your favourite music playlist on

Music makes all the difference. As a fitness coach teaching around the World for over a decade, I can tell you from experience that you may have the best workout but if the music isn’t energetic and motivating, the chances are your performance rate will be lower and you’ll find it hard to maintain a solid routine. Get your favourite music playlist on standby and crank it loud when you’re doing your next workout. Having some inspiring music will have you wanting to keep coming back for more and performing your best!

4. Enjoy the outdoors

When it comes to workouts, I personally much prefer outdoor adventure fitness and feeling the sun on my skin. Kayaking, hiking, running and beach workouts are a few of my top outdoor workouts that keep me motivated and inspired but i think continuously mixing it up is the key to sustaining a long term relationship with fitness. Spending just 15 minutes outdoors in nature is proven to have direct links to a positive mindset.

5. Make workouts into games

Creating workouts using game formats are a great way to motivate you and keep fitness fun! Think of some games you used to play as a child. For example: Grab a deck of cards, shuffle them and place them face down on the floor spreading them around in a small circle. Hearts represent squats, Diamonds represent lunges, Spades represent push-ups and Clubs represent Sit-ups.

Each number represents the number of reps you perform of that particular exercise. So if i pick up 8 of diamonds, I then complete 8 lunges, put the card aside and pick up another card until the entire deck is complete.

Another game may be playing the song Flowers ( Also known as ‘Bring Sally Up’) and whenever the song says “down” you squat down. When it says up you stand up. Follow this for the entire song and your legs will be on fire.

There are plenty of games like this out there that you can incorporate into your workouts on a weekly basis.

6. Get Creative

Keep mixing it up. If your workouts are becoming boring, jump on Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube to look for new exercises, workout routines, running guides etc. I guarantee you no matter what level of fitness you’re at, you’ll always find something you’ve never seen or done on these social media platforms!

7. Enter a competition

Fitness competitions come in many forms. Across gyms Worldwide there are crossfit competitions, weight lifting, fitness modelling, HIIT and many more comps that are open to all levels of fitness. If you’re a little more adventurous, half marathons, marathons, triathlons, cycling and swimming events may be more your thing. There are even all-terrain comps taking you across places like Patagonia, where teams spend 4-5 days navigating through snowy mountains and icy deserts.

8. Get an Online PT

If you need a little more motivation and creativity in your training, then maybe online personal training might be for you. Virtual PT sessions are relatively new to this day and age but give people more time and freedom to spend on other things, completing workouts from home and often saving money on gym memberships that don’t get used. Tailored to your level of fitness and equipment, 8-12 week programs are also a great option allowing you to workout on your own time and gain the knowledge, motivation and experience you need to move closer towards your goals.

9. Buy some new equipment/ clothes

How do you feel when you buy new shoes? Or a new t-shirt? Buying some new fitness clothes and equipment will most likely give you instant motivation to go out and start crushing your goals. Revert back to the goals/ challenges you’ve set yourself and buy clothes & equipment based on that to ensure you stay on task.

Here are my top recommendations for home workout equipment.

10. Find a fitness buddy

Finding a fitness buddy can not only help you both stay accountable, it keeps fitness fun! Working out every day by yourself can eventually become uninspiring for many of us and lead to a decline in fitness activity. Finding a buddy to work out with 1-2 times a week can make all the difference to your mindset, motivation and goals.


To stay truly motivated and have a consistent routine, you need to enjoy what you’re doing for your fitness and health. It’s always a good idea to mix things up and create new experiences for yourself on a regular basis. New experiences tend to give us more positivity and motivation leading to greater changes in our health. Good luck on your fitness journey and subscribe to Travelfitwithme for more fitness, nutrition and adventure articles.